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    Our firm is a full-service road building holding company. Our services include: engineering design, asphalt mixes production, asphalt works, landscaping, road laboratory tests, road maintenance. We are always open to a new partnership. Our business is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

       In 2009 a research on demand of a company serving communal road network was conducted to create a cold asphalt mix for quick pothole repairs. Over a period of next 4 years we acquired more than 2 500 customers: municipal services, road maintenance services, private individuals.

       Coldmod-bit-based asphalt mix (Cold asphalt) is designed for building up road covers as an additional coat reinforcing existing covers, for pothole repairs of city streets, squares, pavements, parking lots etc. It is suitable for laying with outside temperatures in range of -25 to +30оC. The mix is also used for asphalt cover replacement after utility lines repairs. The size of repaired surface is not limited, there are no special temperature and humidity conditions for repairs execution. Cold asphalt contains crushed stone and special bitumen-mineral binders. Special bitumen types marked by soft flow characteristics and elasticity are used in cold asphalt production for better coating as well as special adhesive additives. Correct aggregate and binder compatibility provides their good adhesion and prevents early crushed stone corrosion in bitumen coating.


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Our company is the best producer of the cold asphalt mixes in Russia. Our own road laboratory and research department enable us to use innovations in the field of polymer materials for our customers’ benefits.


We always welcome cooperation with you.

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